If you use PowerPoint graphics or pictures in high resolution or you need to reduce the pictures for your slides that originally have a big size then it is a good idea to check the compression options available in PowerPoint, especially if you want to save some space and reduce the overall presentation size.

In PowerPoint 2010 you can control how to save pictures and compress the images and pictures in your slides to save space.

How to Compress Pictures in PowerPoint 2010

To access the compression options you will need to select the image that you want to compress or any image, and then look for Compress Pictures under Format menu.

This will open a new window with options and here you can choose to:

  • Apply only to a single picture
  • Delete cropped areas of a picture in PowerPoint so this information is not saved in the PPT
  • Choose the output resolution (print, screen, email or default document resolution in PowerPoint)

compress picture powerpoint 2010

Hope you finally understood how to compress pictures in PowerPoint 2010. In PowerPoint you can compress images to save space without losing too much quality and using this strategy can be a good way to save space while sharing your presentations or share PowerPoint presentations online. Remember that you can download free PPT Templates for your presentations from SlideHunter.