When it comes to real politics, terms like elections, political leaders, funds, opinion polls, etc., seem to be quite heavy to accept. But, for young minds looking forward to elections at elementary and secondary school level, it is a lot more about the fun and excitement associated with election campaigns. And, not to forget the fact that you become a popular face amongst your fellow mates. However, alongside the joy of being a part of and winning an election, a lot of responsibilities are attached; with the foremost one being the student council speech.

Preparing a good speech may be an apprehensive activity considering the fact that at times, youngsters themselves are unsure of what exactly the speech should be inclusive of.

Student Council Speech


From raising issues of students to highlighting the responsibilities of student council members; everything deserves attention. But, you need to strike a line of distinction as your language should neither be provocative nor should it be too simplistic that audience loses interest. To present an even clearer picture before you, the text that follows will highlight essential tips on how to deliver an effective student council speech.

To begin with, you can tell your audience about how you are different from other candidates. But, it should definitely not sound like a self-appraisal speech. Rather, it must highlight your traits that make you a better candidate to match up with the expectations of your fellow mates. But, present it in a way that they feel that your presence makes a difference.

Chalk out a proper manifesto and present it systematically so that the audience gets a clear understanding of your message. This is because a good leader is always considered to be someone, who has clarity of thought and purpose. And, someone with willingness to take decision always benefits in such conditions.

For those 10-15 minutes when you will be presenting your speech; the stage and the audience is all yours. You have to find a way out to keep them engrossed. So, be conversational, interact with them, get to know their expectations and convince them as to how you are one of them but, still try to be different with your actions.


It is suggested to speak from your heart and make your audience believe in the fact that your actions and words are aimed for their betterment.

A student council speech is your gate pass to getting entry into the hearts of your friends and teachers. It will reflect your thought process and problem solving caliber. So, go for an outstanding speech and let people know of your capabilities to lead them from the front.