Let’s face it; having huge crowds flocking for one’s presentation is a major confidence booster for the presenter. No one would want to waste time delivering presentations in an empty hall. There are many factors that contribute to creating an attraction and instilling curiosity in the prospective audience regarding your soon to be delivered PowerPoint Presentation. Presentation title is one such determining factor.

Ambiguous Titles

Presentation titles contribute a great deal in getting that first impression right. Based on it the audience makes the crucial decision of whether or not to sit along the entire presentation. Effective titles are your tool in influencing this decision. So what are the different means to make titles interesting? Well, ambiguous titles seem to be doing great these days in the marketing circles; here are three qualities that reason as to why such titles can be your ace move in winning the attention of the audience:

  • Keeps the audience guessing – Such a title is effective in provoking the audience’s curiosity. The title must give away ‘just a hint’ of something new since the new is always effective in feeding people’s inquisitiveness. This guessing game renders you a cutting edge to initiate the involvement and interaction from the audience’s end in the course of the presentation. If you are successful at evoking concern at their end, you are sure to get all their attention.
  • An element of charm – The mix and match in presentation title can help you add contrast to them. The contrast in a way brings with it an element of surprise and charm. A smart way would be to add more of mixed and matched sub titles to a few presentation slides. Ambiguous titles always promise an interesting story to clear the clouds of ambiguity while gradually proceeding with the presentation, and don’t we all just love a good story!
  • Some bold claim may be? – There is nothing wrong in wanting to make a bold claim, especially when you can do it in a totally impressive way through an ambiguous yet catchy title! A claim could be some promised benefits. But remember, if that is what the title suggests, the presentation must deliver that what is promised.

Only an ambiguous title can be written in a way to cast a spell on the audience with the unique but effective combination of the above three qualities. So get ready to employ the power of ambiguous title in getting your audience to really listen!