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Train Tracks PowerPoint Template With Video Animation

Train Tracks PowerPoint Template is a video background template which provides an editable animation in the form a PowerPoint slide. With this template you can create presentations on diverse topics ranging from travel, tourism, to nature, success, etc.

Building Blocks PowerPoint Template With Animations

As a child you might have played with building blocks. Little you might know that as an adult, you might still have some use for them! The Block Tower PowerPoint Template is an animated template for presenting your slides in a unique way, i.e. with the help of building blocks spelling out an important aspect […]

Animated Business Meeting Template For PowerPoint

Dark Meeting is an animated business meeting template for Microsoft PowerPoint and Keynote. It comes with the animation of a meeting room amidst dark, stormy clouds. This template can be helpful in making presentations about business or product failure, important business aspects, market competition and the like.

Business Cloud Skyscraper Video PowerPoint Template

Video templates for PowerPoint are not used as often as they should be. Such templates come with video backgrounds that are easy to customize for making standalone introductory slides or to create entire presentations with the help of a video background running in the backdrop.

Stormy Clouds Animated PowerPoint Template

When there is a storm on the horizon and an organization is facing stiff competition or a heavy loss, it’s time to prove your point effectively across the company employees. The same can also be said for presentations where one may require emphasizing on the severity of a situation which needs to be dealt with. […]

Create Lesson Plans And Lectures With Pencil Toolkit PowerPoint Template

Many teachers use PowerPoint to deliver lectures and to engage students. Furthermore, PowerPoint can also be handy for creating lesson plans, especially with an appropriate template. The Pencil Toolkit for PowerPoint is an animated template that can be used for making lectures and lesson plans.

Display Graphs As Infographics With Graph Blocks Template For PowerPoint

The Graph Blocks Template for PowerPoint is a brilliant option for all those users who are looking to present their graphs with the help of animations and attractive graphics. This animated template comprises of infographic like slides that offer a new approach towards presenting bar charts. It also provides editable sample slides with layouts which […]

Animated Teamwork Templates For PowerPoint Presentations

Nothing works well in an organization if there is no teamwork. Many organizations spend a lot of money for conducting team building sessions which can be helpful in enhancing productivity, creating better understanding among employees and to phase out possible misunderstandings. If you require making a presentation related to teamwork, then here is a list […]

Animated Bullet Points PowerPoint Template

PowerPoint Tab Toolkit Template is an awesome animated template by Presenter Media for presenting bullet points with the help of visually appealing animated slides. The template comes with clipart images and animations that are a perfect mix for displaying animated bullet points for any type of presentation topic, be it related to business, science, technology […]

Flat World Map Template For PowerPoint

A combination of maps and animations in a presentation can play an important role in keeping it interesting on one hand and in engaging the viewer on the other. With this in mind we have covered reviews of various PowerPoint Map Templates. Global Popup PowerPoint Template is another outstanding map template that offers a lot […]

Create Forms in PowerPoint Slides With Checkbox Template

If you are wondering how to create forms with checkboxes in PowerPoint slides without going through any complicated process or coding, then the best method is to use the Checkbox Template for PowerPoint.

Steps To Success Template For PowerPoint Presentations

Any individual who is at the height of his or her career will tell you that there are no shortcuts but rather steps to success. In fact, this is an important piece of advice which every newbie entering professional life should be given. Whether you are a career coach, senior management official in an organization […]