Travel and tourism themed templates often lack the variety needed to cover various aspects tied to travelling, such as airports, flight schedules, relevant clipart and content that can be attention grabbing. However, using animated presentation templates can help you overcome these problems, as video animations can instantly grab the attention of any type of audience and because animated templates often have something special to offer, like easy customization options and attractive clipart images. Here are two animated airport and travel PowerPoint templates you might find quite handy.

Animated Airport Infographic Template for PowerPoint

One of the most interesting ways you can present your slides is in the form of infographics, for this purpose the use of Infographic PowerPoint Templates can be quite handy. This is one such PowerPoint Presentation Template with slides related to airport, travel and tourism, with editable content that you can use to create animated infographics.


animated airport infographic powerpoint template

Customizing the template is quite simple. Just add text and images and use the given sample clipart across slides and the pre-rendered animations will play with your added content, such as your added title, sub-title, company logo, etc. The template offers graphs, clipart images, a video animation of an airplane and more.

airplane infographic

The template features 14 sample slides, with enough content to help you make presentations on any type of topic ranging from passenger jet models to simple travel based topics. You can download this animated template for:

  • PowerPoint (Windows and Mac OS)
  • Keynote (iPad Devices and Mac OS)

Go to Presenter Media – Animated Airport Infographic Template

airport template for powerpoint

Animated Airport Travel PowerPoint Template

This is another animated template with airport and travel related content. The template starts with a video animation depicting an airplane taking off from an airport. You can customize this slide with your own logo and title.

animated airport travel powerpoint template


The following slides offer SmartArt, picture slides, charts and useful clipart images which can be quite handy in crafting presentations related to various topics associated with travel and tourism.

airplane clipart images

With two dozen slides with diverse layouts, this template is quite suitable for making presentations with static and animated slides using rich, eye-catching content. This template is available for

  • PowerPoint for PC
  • PowerPoint for Mac OS

Go to Presenter Media – Airport Travel PowerPoint Template

airplane picture slide