A very interesting way to demonstrate something important in a presentation is to use a door. Doors can be symbolically used to depict various types of interesting scenarios and to explain important concepts. This may include addressing topics like entering uncharted territory, seeking new opportunities, going through a door to achieve success, facing your fears and the like. Following is a list of interesting door clipart and animations that you can download to use in PowerPoint Presentations.

Getting Kicked Out The Door Clipart

This static clipart shows a stick figure getting kicked out of a door. You can use this clipart in anything from business presentations (e.g. about kicking out the competition) to presentations about kicking bad habits and other topics.

kicked out og the door clipart

This clipart can be customized by changing the background color, brightness, saturation and reflection from the developer’s website. You can also download it with the default transparent background. This clipart can be downloaded in the following file formats:

  • JPG and PNG

Go to Presenter Media – Getting Kicked Out The Door Clipart

kicked out of door JPG clipart


Job Opportunity Door Clipart

As is obvious, this is a static clipart showing a door opening for a job opportunity. This clipart is ideal for any topics related to jobs. You can download this clipart in a custom resolution in these formats:

  • JPG and PNG

Go to Presenter Media – Job Opportunity Door Open Clipart

job door clipart

Door Opening Animation

This is an animation of a door opening and closing. You can use it as a GIF image in PowerPoint presentations or download the video version of the file for use in your projects. This animation can be downloaded in these file formats:

  • GIF Image
  • Video (MOV and SWF)

Go to Presenter Media – Door Opening Animation

opening door animation

Choose Opportunity Animation

This is quite an interesting animation which shows a stick figure opening different doors to choose an opportunity. You can incorporate this animation in your presentations with custom text to create interesting slides about themes like making the right choice, business decisions, opportunity cost, etc. Like the above mentioned, this animation too can be customized before it is downloaded from the Presenter Media website. You can download this animation in the following file formats:

  • GIF Image
  • Video (MOV and SWF)

Go to Presenter Media – Choose Opportunity Animation

choose opportunity animated clipart

To download more door themed clipart and animations for use in presentations, websites, blog posts and other types of projects, check out the link given below.