It can be hard to make interesting presentations on mundane topics like cybercrime, theft, copyrights and law enforcement. However, the right template can help you make attention grabbing presentations with the aid of interesting imagery, animations and clipart.

Animated Criminal Pursuit PowerPoint Template

Criminal Pursuit PowerPoint Template is a presentation template which comes with a funny video animation of a thief evading cameras. Multiple slides in this Crime PowerPoint Template come with crime and law enforcement themed content, which can be used for anything from presentations about cybercrime to copyrights and patent violations. In case your topic is more relevant to copyrights you might find it worth digging into details about Copyright Registry and US copyright registration.


copyrights violation is a crime

Customize To Create Animated And Static Slides

The opening slide comes with a customizable animation of a stick figure thief evading cameras to bypass the perimeter. You can add custom text and logo to personalize this animated slide. The template contains both animated and static versions of various sample slides, so you can also opt for static content in case you wish to do away with the animations.

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static thief layout


Law Enforcement And Crime Themed Slides

By customizing the given law enforcement and crime themed slides there are a variety of topics you can cover and that too with content which is bound to arouse interest among your audience. This is because the template offers video animations, which are always a novelty in presentations.

animated criminal pursuit powerpoint template

Similarly, the given clipart images can be easily used to create custom slides with a touch of your own imagination.

thief clipart

Create Charts With An Interesting Take

You can even use this template for making charts for business presentations or to depict statistics related to your topic, e.g. crime statistics. You can edit the sample charts to easily project statistical data with crime themed clipart.

sample charts with thief clipart

The Criminal Pursuit Template is available for PowerPoint and Keynote, including the following versions:

  • PowerPoint 2003-2013 ( PC)
  • PowerPoint 2008-2011 (Mac)
  • Keynote (Mac and iPad)

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