Animated Global Network Template For PowerPoint

Cloud computing and networking related presentations can often require a more global theme. Simply showing routers, servers or network cables is not the most wonderful method of keeping your audience awake from what can be a lengthy technical presentation. Global Network PowerPoint Template is an animation packed presentation template for making presentations related to sales, […]

Infographic Template For PowerPoint Presentations

Want to make a presentation that is both cool and thought provoking? How about using some infographics? Infographic Box is an animated infographic template for PowerPoint which offers a complete set of sample slides and clipart to help you construct custom infographics for presentations.

Growing Plant PowerPoint Template

Presenter Media‚Äôs animated PowerPoint Template toolkits provide a comprehensive set of features to help presenters build elaborate slides for their presentation. Among the infinite toolkits offered by Presenter Media, one of the most notable one is the Plant Toolkit Template for PowerPoint. This is a Growing Plant PowerPoint Template that shows an animation of a […]

Medical PowerPoint Template With Animations And Clipart

Presenting a medical presentation with a template with heart shaped clipart might not be what you need to deliver a professional presentation about diseases, public awareness, health, nutrition, etc. Then again, finding a good presentation template with appropriate medical clipart may not be all that easy.

Animated Maze PowerPoint Template

Coming up with solutions at the workplace is often like finding a way out from a maze. Like a maze, one has to move across different interconnected ways to find the right path which may lead to a way out (solution). Demonstrating such a situation in a presentation can be tough unless you have a […]

Red Earth PowerPoint Template And Video Animation

Red Earth is an animation by Presenter Media which can be downloaded as an editable PowerPoint Template or in the form of QuickTime, FLV or WMV format.

Flames PowerPoint Template With Animations

Presentations with powerful imagery can have an everlasting impact on the audience. For example, the use of clipart and animations depicting a flame can be useful for presenting topics related to the weather, summer season, chemistry, stiff market competition, a bad quarterly performance, etc.

Cloud Computing Template For PowerPoint

Every internet user I somehow linked to cloud computing, be it the use of an email address or a cloud storage service, we are all constantly interacting in a cloud based environment. This is because technically, the internet itself is a cloud. When upgrading the infrastructure at your office or training employees at work, you […]

Animated Clipart For PowerPoint Presentations

Having useful clipart and icons at your disposal can help you create more professional looking presentations, especially animated clipart. Unfortunately, Microsoft PowerPoint does not offer very attractive clipart from its Office library; however, there are third-party sources like Presenter Media which offer some extraordinary animated clipart and icons for PowerPoint, which can be downloaded as […]

PowerPoint Template With 3D Cube Animation

A 3D cube can be associated with many presentation topics, ranging from problem solving to brainstorming for creative ideas. Missing Piece is an animated PowerPoint Template which is also available in different video formats, as a standalone video animation.

Animated Tree Template For PowerPoint

Animations and templates that depict a tree can be used in various types of presentation topics, ranging from going green to business growth or progress. Tree Root Growth PowerPoint Template provides an animation of a growing tree, with a highly customizable layout and appropriate placeholders to help you use the animated slides to suit your […]

Best PowerPoint Templates For Motivational Presentations

Motivational presentations require careful planning, practice and the right slide design to effectively present your message across. One of the most effective methods of making motivational presentations is with the help of animations and appropriate templates. Below is a list of Animated PowerPoint Templates and clipart that can help you create engaging motivational presentations.