Making a travel and tourism themed template interesting is no easy task. Most available templates related to such topics are usually limited in scope, with static images that can be hard to make much use out of. On the contrary, using a video background template can help add more zest to your presentations and make slides more attention grabbing.

Travel Lounge PowerPoint Template With Video Animation

The Travel Lounge PowerPoint video background template provides an animation of a man sitting in a travel lounge with a screen showing a flying plane.


Animated travel lounge PowerPoint video template

You can comprehensively edit the template using Ribbon Menu options like the PowerPoint Video Tools. The template also provides two placeholders for adding your presentation title and sub-title. Furthermore, you can duplicate the video background slide and also add your own text and images to the template for making presentations with slides containing the video animation running in the backdrop.

Edit travel templte for PowerPoint

This video background template is also available in widely used video formats like FLV, MOV and Windows Media Video format, which makes it possible to incorporate this animation not only in different presentation apps like Keynote, PowerPoint or Prezi but also to use it for other projects be it a blog post, banner ad, YouTube video, etc.


Needless to say, the video files can be edited using any common video editing software. The available formats in which this video background template can be downloaded in include the following:

  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Windows Media Video
  • Apple’s Quick Time Video
  • FLV Flash Video Format

Go to Presenter Media – Animated Travel Lounge PowerPoint Video Background Template

Travel lounge video background

Flight To South America Static Clipart

Downloadable as a PNG or JPG image in a desired resolution, this clipart is ideal for presentations about aviation, world affairs, politics, travel and tourism, business, etc.

Before downloading this clipart you can even change clipart colors, set a custom width and height, as well as manage other settings like the reflection, shadow, brightness and saturation settings (via the developer’s website).

Go to Presenter Media – Flight To South America Static Clipart

Flight to South America