Team building exercises, employee orientation, class lectures and periodic quarterly evaluations might require presenting concepts with some zest, to motivate your audience. Here are a few Animated Motivational PowerPoint Templates to add some punch to your slides.

Animated Break Out PowerPoint Template

You might have heard of the need to reach for the light and find your way out of the darkness. This PowerPoint template depicts the same concept with the aid of a witty animation of a stick figure breaking through a wall to come out of the darkness.


Animated break out PowerPoint template

Using this template you can not only make your point of view be heard effectively but also ensure that you are able to put a smile on your audience’s face while doing that.

The template offers an opening slide with a wall animation from which a stick figure emerges after decimating the wall.



The following slides provide various customizable layouts with charts, tables, SmartArt Graphics and a lot more that you can use to build upon your presentation topic and to complement your ideas.

You can download this animated template for motivational, business and other types of presentations, as the slides are fully customizable. This template is available for:

  • PowerPoint for PC and Mac OS X
  • Keynote iPad and Mac OS X

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Chart slide for breaking wall template


Breaking Out Video Animation for PowerPoint

If you would like to single out the animation in the above template and customize it using PowerPoint Video Tools, you can download this standalone version of the animation as a single PowerPoint slide.

Breaking out video animation

You can add your own text and logo to this animation, as well as customize it using Microsoft PowerPoint. Furthermore, you can also replicate the existing slide and even save the animated slides as a video from within PowerPoint to make your own animated content.

This animation can be downloaded in different formats including:

  • PPTX for PowerPoint
  • MOV, WMV and Flash Video Formats

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Breaking out video background template


Breaking Through Wall Clipart

This static clipart can be downloaded in a desired resolution and can be useful for motivational presentations. You can also adjust the color of the clipart from the developer’s website before downloading it.

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Breaking through wall clipart

Arrow Breaking Wall Clipart

This clipart depicts an arrow breaking a wall and can be symbolically used for motivational presentations, for depicting obstacles and success, etc.

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Arrow breaking through wall clipart

Cartoon Building Wall Animated Clipart

This animated clipart is available in GIF and various video formats and shows a cartoon building a brick wall. You can use this animated clipart for various subjects like team building, construction and engineering topics, career building, project management and the like.

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Cartoon building wall animation