Presentations can be hard to elaborate, especially when one may not have a tool to highlight essential areas. This is particularly true for teachers as they might have to adjust their slides to facilitate students who might find it hard to grasp them at a glance. Highlight is a Mac app that has been designed to highlight on screen items to annotate proceedings on the computer screen. Highlight is not tied to any specific Mac app and therefore can be used with any application or even just your Mac screen to annotate items.

Update 2020: Presentify offers a modernized and better experience to make annotations on presentations (See here Presentify: Tool to Make Annotations on Presentations).

Basic Features Of Highlight (App)

The best part of using this app is that It is unobtrusive and quite easy to use. Highlight offers all basic drawing capabilities to ink your way across slides to circle, highlight and doodle your way to a great presentation. With highlight you can perform free-form drawing, create lines and shapes like an oval or rectangle, select different colors for highlighting items and much more.

Highlight Mac Desktop

Highlight Any Mac App Interface Or Just Your Desktop

Being able to highlight your Mac screen means that you no longer require separate add-ins and annotation applications for your Mac apps. Whether you are a PowerPoint or Keynote user or are using a different presentation platform, you can annotate your slides to attract the attention of your audience and to present your slides in style.

Highlight App For Mac

Ideal For Demos And Presentations

While Highlight app can have a number of advantages, it is perhaps ideal for demos and presentations. Whether you are a teacher who wishes to annotate slides during a presentation or a business professional looking for some flexibility to present your ideas, highlight your screen can be an excellent method of demonstrating your ideas.

Another critical aspect to consider when selecting highlighting software is the long-term reliability and performance. Users often complain that old devices are slower, especially right after a software update was released, but not installed yet. The question of is it true or not is debatable, yet it’s still advisable to opt for annotation solution that offers regular updates and technical support. This not only ensures that your software remains compatible with the latest OS versions but also helps in maintaining a smooth, efficient workflow.

HighlightApp For Mac

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Highlight works with Mac OS X 10.6.6 or above.

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