During a presentation it isn’t just your PowerPoint or Keynote slides which often need to be highlighted but also data from your spreadsheets, documents and content from other sources you might gather from images, videos, emails, etc. Normally, people take screenshots or convert their data as presentable slides. But what if you can save all that time? Presentify is an application which can help you annotate your Mac screen to make any part of your screen your presentation slide!

Annotate Presentations, Documents, Videos and Your Mac Desktop

You can use Presentify to  annotate your presentations, documents, videos or any part of your Mac screen. The app can also be a great tool for your daily meetings via Zoom or Skype during COVID-19. Since Presentify can save you a significant amount of time making daily presentations, as you can simply present your important documents, data and highlights through various applications. The app sits in the Mac menu bar, from where you can manage your annotations or via app shortcuts.


presentify app

Highlight Your Cursor in Different Styles

You can also use Presentify to highlight your mouse and change the color for your annotations. This can be a great way of making it easy for your audience to easily follow your mouse pointer, be it during a remote meeting with screen shared turned on or during a Live presentation session. Furthermore, the app also enables highlighting your cursor using different styles.

use different cursor styles

Presenting Mockups Made Easy

Presentify can also make it easy for you to present mockups. This is because you no longer need to create slides to explain your mockups. You can present your mockups using any application and even highlight your mouse cursor to make the presentation more engaging. Whether you need to present an app demo, create a video tutorial or need to highlight and show parts of your application code, you can do all that using Presentify by highlighting any part of your Mac screen. You can try Presentify and create annotations on some of our free PowerPoint templates.


app mockup

Digital Whiteboard Support

Presentify also comes with whiteboard support to help you instantly present information using a Mac computer. You can also use a greenboard or redboard by changing the color of your board.

customize whiteboard

Customizable Shortcuts

You can also customize the app shortcuts to make it easier to quickly switch between the various options which enable annotating your screen, bringing up the whiteboard or removing annotations.

presentify shortcuts

Presentify Video Demo

You can get a quick overview of Presentify from the developer’s video demo given below.

You can get Presentify via the Mac App Store or SetApp.