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Annotate Slides Using Animations With Highlighter PowerPoint Template

Sometimes it’s imperative to annotate slides to ensure that essential points are duly highlighted in each slide. This can help better explain certain points and also makes the audience more attentive towards certain aspects of your presentation. For real-time annotation you can use the various tools we covered in our list about the best annotation […]

Best Presentation Tools For Enhancing Your Presentations

PowerPoint presentations can be greatly enhanced if you have appropriate presentation tools to highlight and single out important pieces of information. Let’s take a look at a few very handy presentation tools that you can use to annotate and highlight your slides to compliment your presentation skills.

Annotate Mac Presentations And On Screen Items With Highlight App

Presentations can be hard to elaborate, especially when one may not have a tool to highlight essential areas. This is particularly true for teachers as they might have to adjust their slides to facilitate students who might find it hard to grasp them at a glance. Highlight is a Mac app that has been designed […]

Add Notes And Highlight PDF Files On iPad With PDF Highlighter

PDF Highlighter is a PDF viewer for iPad which provides robust annotation and PDF viewing options. The available features in this PDF viewer are so useful that it can perhaps be considered one of, if not the best PDF reader for iPad. With PDF Highlighter you can add notes, draw freehand sketches and highlight PDF […]

Recordium: Record And Annotate Voice Recordings On iPhone Or iPad

Recordium is a free iOS app, which comes with powerful features that provide high quality voice recordings on iPhone and iPad. This app can be used for highlighting tracks while playing or recording audio content. This can help you focus on the most important parts of your recordings. You can also annotate audio tracks with […]