If you’re done using the old slide decks with conventional slide designs, you can choose to get creative! For those of you who might be looking for an animated creative PowerPoint template design, you can opt for the Be Creative Today PowerPoint Template. Unlike conventional templates, it gives a comic book like design which can be used for making novel slide decks with some customization of the given sample content.

Be Creative with Comic Book Style Icons & Shapes

The template offers both animated slides and content that you can reuse for designing your slides. There are instructions within slides that can guide you regarding how to shape your content by replacing, recoloring and reusing sample material within the given slides.


Creative PowerPoint Template

Basically, the template gives you a toolkit with sample slide layouts, icons, illustrations and design layouts to fashion your slides. You can use this minimalist, comic book style format to create creative slides that can be attention grabbing enough to get your message across to an audience.

Be Creative Creative PowerPoint Template

Make Timelines and Comparisons

Using the sample content, you can not only create conventional text based slides but also timelines, comparisons, and the like. You can also insert SmartArt and charts and complement them with the icons given in this template.


Creative Timeline

Awesome Icons to Enhance Your Creativity

There is a slide with an icon set at the end of the template that offers minimalist icons related to various topics. You can use these icons to creatively design your slides with the visual aid of simple icons that can be a good resource for making lightweight slides with content that can stand out.

Creative Icons

The animated creative PowerPoint template is compatible with all PowerPoint 2007 and later editions, including PowerPoint versions for both Mac and PC. You can also preview the sample slides before downloading this animated presentation template from the developer’s website.

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