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Animated Creative PowerPoint Template

If you’re done using the old slide decks with conventional slide designs, you can choose to get creative! For those of you who might be looking for an animated creative PowerPoint template design, you can opt for the Be Creative Today PowerPoint Template. Unlike conventional templates, it gives a comic book like design which can […]

Animated Comic Book Template For PowerPoint

Your Comic Frame is an animated comic book template for PowerPoint for making comic book style presentation slides. This PowerPoint Template provides speech bubbles, clipart images, comic book like customizable characters and comes with pre-rendered animations to help you quickly create comic book style presentations to inspire your audience.

Generate Custom PowerPoint Graphics With Custom Expressions Template

You might have seen animated advertisement videos on YouTube that are made entirely using comic book style characters and animations. Such videos are usually created with the help of easy to use web services like PowToon. However, you can also create similar looking characters and scenes in the form of PowerPoint slides by using the […]

Halftone 2: Create Comic Strips And Collages For Presentations On iPad

Ever wanted to create your own comic books? How about comic book like images for PowerPoint presentations? Halftone 2 is an iPad app which comes loaded with Aviary’s image editor to help you create comics, beautiful collages and to enable you to edit your images in a fun way. You can use Halftone 2 for […]