Water Drop PowerPoint Template is a presentation template with a soothing animation of water drops amidst a sunset. This PowerPoint Template features an amazing video animation in the opening slide, which can be customized with text and images.

The template has an elegant, serene outlook, with relaxing and attention grabbing animations, clipart and images, all of which you can customize according to your preferences.


water drop powerpoint template

Suitable for Many Types of Presentation Topics

The Water Drop PowerPoint Template is suitable for a variety of topics related to the environment, such as climate change and global warming; and can even be used as a generic background for making presentations on hundreds of other topics. As the editable slides in this template are not specific to any subject, you can customize them by adding your own title and additional content so that they can be adjusted to suit your presentation topic.

content page layout with water drop

Create Animated Slides With Water Drop Animation

The sample slides come with interesting layouts and clipart depicting water and planet Earth, with the water drop animation. The animation is quite easy on the eyes and unobtrusive as it runs at the side of each slide, making it complementary to the slide.


smartart layout

Editable Charts and SmartArt Graphics

You can also make use of editable charts and SmartArt Graphs within this template to present information and statistical data with the aid of appropriate slide layouts. Furthermore, you have the liberty to modify any aspect of these slides by using options from the PowerPoint Ribbon Menu to change the color, shape or type of the layouts, graphs and SmartArt Graphics.

chart layout with globe

Water Drop Clipart

The template also features water themed clipart images for use in existing and newly created presentation slides.

waterdrop clipart

The Water Drop Template is available for the following applications:

  • PowerPoint for PC
  • PowerPoint for Mac
  • Keynote for iPad and Mac

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