Your presentation skills and ability to convince the audience with your words and ideas, make you a remarkable marketer. In most cases people do not find it difficult to present their ideas to their clients or customers; but when it comes to PowerPoint Presentations, it suddenly gives them cold feet.

Improving Presentation Skills


Here are seven tips to help you to improve your presentation skills:

1. Speak What The Audience Will Understand

Most presenters are more concerned about displaying their knowledge, than focusing on the fact that if your listeners are not able to make head or tail of your words, then all the hard work you put in goes to waste. Hence, you need to make certain that somebody advices you while practicing, especially when you go overboard in your speech.

2. Add A Story in Your Presentation

Although this is not a compulsion that you should be a good storyteller in order to be an impressive presenter. However, the important part is being an exceptional reciter. You must know where to smile, when to gasp and cite incidences and statistics during your presentation. Listeners never come to hear about what happened, when did it happen or how did it happen; but they cannot help taking interest when a topic like that comes up. Becoming a great “story teller” is one of those presentation skills you can have in your army, that could help to deliver effective presentations. Even introverts can be great story tellers.

3. Practice With Dedication

If you do not practice, you will not be able to recognize your flaws. In order to understand where you lack, it is important that you rehearse your presentation. When practicing you need to focus on the pauses and speed of your speech. Moreover, it also helps you to set coordination with the slides.


4. Relax Yourself Before The Presentation

Most People take the tip about practicing, too seriously. Over-doing it might have wrong effects on you. It is important to calm your senses before the presentation or you might not realize that you went like a bullet while speaking and were at a loss of words towards the end.

5. Interact Instead Of Stating

Even though you are addressing an audience and both the parties are not conversing at an equal pace; however it must not sound like you are just reciting what has been fed to your brain. Talk to the audience so that you start receiving responses from them, instead of you coaxing them to talk.

6. Go Step By Step

Giving the audience an idea of the flow of the presentation is an intelligent move. But then you must ensure that you stick to your already mentioned idea so that the audience is able to identify, which specific point you are talking about.

7 Conclusion Should Be As Impressive As The Introduction

7 Tips For Improving Presentation Skills

Most people end the presentation with a big ‘thank you’ or some best wishes; but it is here that you can create an impression to make them come to your next presentation. You can leave a question about a different topic and tell them that it will be answered when they meet you again.

When ending the presentation you have all the freedom to portray your intelligence and creativity.