Presentations are one of the most powerful tools to represent your ideas and views visually before a group of people. Whether developing a marketing pitch or conducting a general discussion, every presenter wishes to leave the audience with a long-lasting impression.

5 Tips for Designing A Remarkable Presentation

Wrapping your presentation to a standing ovation, however, demands excellent crafting and deliverance. Here are 5 important tips to make your PowerPoint Presentation attractive and legible. Check out how:

  1. Choose a Suitable Size and Color Scheme: Readability of your presentation is an important factor. Therefore, use a font size that can be easily understood by the readers. Try not to overboard it with complex font designs as it might render your presentation unprofessional. Select right templates and background colors for a better delivery. Choose a contrast scheme that appears decent and pleasant to the eyes.
  2. Impressive Content: Information you are providing to the audience through your presentation plays a crucial role. Try to add something surprising and useful to reel your audience in. Offer them something awesome that make them sit and take a note of it.
  3. Add Pictures: Graphics or images are a great way to communicate your message in a single go without using large text. Adding relevant images to your presentation will help the viewers to visualize a story, which will ultimately lead to better understanding and interest generation. One great way to find quality images for your presentation is through Wepik, an online platform that provides a variety of high-quality images, vectors and illustrations. WePik’s library is designed to make finding the perfect images for your presentation easy and hassle-free. However, if you are adding animations and transitions for more attractiveness, maintain balance while doing so. This is because long and obvious animations can mess up the whole suspense.
  4. Bring Connectivity: Overall, your slides should stick to one single idea or concept and there should be no distraction. Make sure each slide is in relevant with the next slide so as to maintain a crisp among the audience. Furthermore, when delivering your speech, keep your slides moving at a constant pace. Be clear about what you are saying and try to highlight your main ideas with bullets.
  5. Effective Delivery: While you communicate with the audience, make sure your language is easily understandable by everyone. Maintain proper gestures such as consistent eye contact with the audience. You can rehearse a few times beforehand, but do not cram things.  From starting till the end, you should present yourself gracefully so that the audience never loses its interest.

Inculcating these 5 brilliant points in your presentation will enable you to achieve your desired goals and will surely fetch you great appreciation. Try them once and see the difference yourself.