The true essence of marketing lies in the knack of attracting all the attention while you do the talking. Well, with today’s marketing trends, it is more of presentations and less of talking.

PowerPoint Presentations have been in the business for long now. Their value has increased a multiple times, especially over the past decade. The aim however remains the same; to lend a voice to your business such that the audience willingly buys the idea.

Spice Up Your Sales Presentation

It is thus important to make your presentation interesting; so that you are heard carefully and people be compelled to give a thought to what you said. So here are 5 ideas to spice up your sales presentation:

  • Provocative opening – The opening must be necessarily catchy. You could begin with posing a question that will keep the audience guessing and waiting for what’s next. Another wise option is the use of metaphors or quotations. They beautifully bring out the meaning and context of any situation or statement. They can also be well knit in between the presentation to make it more comprehensive.
  • Be innovative – Use your innovation in every sphere, be it a lively color scheme, intelligent graphics, the attractive and readable font style and size or a small role play that serves as a treat for the audience. You must incorporate the sales presentation templates for anything unique and innovative can never go unnoticed.
  • Tell a tale – Stories are always fascinating to everyone. They appeal to the child that rests within each one of us. It is a smart way to encourage audience participation and keeps them on their toes. Also it is advisable to be open to have a relevant customer story entwined in the conversation too.
  • Variation in delivery – The entire presentation should not be delivered in just one stagnant tone. Add variation to your delivery by taking regular intervals to break the monotony. For instance you could take up the doubts that the audiences may have concerning your presentation. Be mobile and feel free to use a white board to explain if need be.
  • KISS – Keep it short and simple – The golden rule known to all but effectively employed by only a few. It you want that presentation to be a hit you must limit your content to follow this rule religiously! Stuffing doesn’t help you with promotion in any way; your audience will rather lose interest on viewing the clutter. Hence you must use short sentences well presented as bullet and relevant flowcharts or diagrams, prioritizing only that is most relevant and valuable.

Following these tips to deliver your next presentation is sure to win you a huge round of applause; now that’s marketing done just the right way!