We all dream of having a career that pays us a handsome salary and is also looked upon as a respectable job. But it is truly a dream come true when you can make such a career out of something that you are really good at and love to do. Using speech effectively for public speaking for instance can offer such amazing career options.

Yes, there is nothing denying the fact that most people fear public speaking. But if you happen to be a speech aficionado you sure can get your hands on some of the best paying and respectable jobs.

Careers Opportunities For Speech Aficionados

Here is a list of the top 5 careers for all you avid speakers:

  • Spokesperson – If you happen to be a crowd pleasing speaker, this is just the job for you! You could be a spokesperson for a politician, businessman or a celebrity; you role will be to communicate with the press and media to make public announcements and grab maximum positive coverage.
  • Lecturer/Professor – Yes, you can do just what you love almost every day. But this can be one of the tougher jobs since you have got to have the knack of keeping the sleepiest students hooked to what you are teaching.
  • News anchor – This profile requires an amazing presence of mind since you happen to be in the spotlight. You must keep your cool at all times and there may be a need for you to self-improvise under circumstances like reporting for breaking news. It requires you to shoulder great responsibility for you are expected to deliver concisely and appropriately on a national or an international broadcast to an audience composed of thousands and millions of viewers.
  • Politician – A politician’s career relies almost completely on his skill of public speaking. Throughout this journey he makes numerous speeches with persuasive phrases to win over the masses.
  • Inspirational Leader – They work towards inspiring people by enlightening them with better spiritual understanding. Whether you are a priest, pastor or counselor, your speech is meant to show the right path, offer inspirational ideas or simply bring the audience that peace of mind. Hence, you can work with organizations which provide humanitarian and psychological help to traumatized individuals or lost souls to help them reach out to a happy life.

With career options like these, you sure have a talent that will not only earn you respect and great money, but also enviable fame if you really know how to put your speaking prowess to work wonders!