No easy to become a distinguished public speaker in today’s modern day age.  Since, everyone is short of time and it’s important for you to come up with an attention- grabbing PowerPoint Presentation that leaves your viewers feeling inspired and arouses an emotional answer as well. When giving the PowerPoint Presentation, it becomes imperative to add a short flavor to the speech as audience will be facing at you to engage with you only.

Why People Look Bored During a PowerPoint Presentation

Why PowerPoint Presentations distracts your audience?


Janet Bornemann, creative director of PowerPoint studio once said that “One thing I like to do is make sure there’s a logical story”. Further on he explained that there has to be a good starting, middle and end to your presentation as it plays a vital role in explaining everything about what you want to convey to your audience.

Above mentioned perfection can happen, if you do not make the mistakes mentioned below are as follows:

Too few images & too much text

Undoubtedly, no one wants to read your slides and thus use less text in your PowerPoint Presentation, turn any point into visual and break long blocks into bullet ed lists.

Facts without meaning

Take your viewers on a journey to uncover what all those numbers and deadly terms mean to them. Spin those vital points and facts into stories which are certain that it’s going to be interesting for audience to listen to you carefully.


Slides load slowly

To make sure that slides load quickly on your screen re size the file sizes and images promptly. Skip the whistles otherwise they can be quite disturbing for your audience.

Incompatibility in design

When the slides are merged together into a one presentation however layouts, font and color don’t match. Then this type of inconsistency can seriously irritate your viewers big time.

Unreadable fonts

If you are giving a PowerPoint Presentation in a big room, then it would be recommended to use big text so that audience can easily read in your slides without any trouble.

Stuffed information

Always discuss the main points in your presentation and avoid putting too much on slides and stay focused. Only then you will be able to deliver the best Presentation.

Blinding colors

Choose three main colors one for the purpose of highlighting, one for call outs and one for primary text. Too many colors can be distracting and overwhelming for your audience. Thus, do consider the designing of your PowerPoint slides.


Readers! If you won’t repeat these above mentioned mistakes while giving PowerPoint Presentation, then surely there can be no one who can stop you from becoming a best speaker.