Adding a little fun or humor in the beginning of your seminar can do wonders for you and your organization. Since there are plenty of presentations happening every now and then so bringing up something different is the need of an hour.

It’s time to give a funny twist to your PowerPoint Presentations for making them more interesting and enjoyable. Addition of humor will not only get you great rewards but will also keep your audience fully engaged.  So if you want the attention of your listeners then you must learn to give funny presentations.

Funny Presentations

No doubt it’s difficult to include that fun element in your seminars but once you manage to put it in your slides you will yourself see the positive results. If you don’t have any idea about how to make your demonstration humorous and interesting then the following tips can help you in giving out funny presentations:

  • Start your presentation with some relevant humorous quote. It is the best way by which you can catch your audience’s attention and have them chuckling from the outset. Don’t forget to mention the source of your quote.
  • Include a nicely edited joke in your presentation. It must be presented in such a way that it complements your seminar and makes it more interesting for your target audience.
  • Use your own sense of humor while presenting something. Your timing and words matter a lot in this case.  Even if you are giving fun-filled presentations, you should choose your words wisely and within the realms of decency.
  • Create humor with humorous images. Remember to include only those pictures which suit your presentation. Adding these types of images will not only make your seminar catchy but will also make it easier for your target audience to memorize things easily and quickly.
  • Sometimes displaying a wrong slide knowingly can give a funny edge to your presentation. This slide should be selected carefully and must be placed in an unexpected location in order to have the desired effect.
  • Addition of music files can also generate the required humor. This will make your presentation more lively and enjoyable and will keep your audience bound to their chairs.
  • Giving funny sound effects in your presentation will definitely spice it up, making it more interesting and catchy.

Keeping these above discussed tips in your mind will not only make your presentation appealing but will also fetch you huge popularity amongst your target audience.