Effective mediation is the most preferred way of resolving disputes in the long-run. Therefore, making an effective and useful PowerPoint presentation can help you present your case before the Counsel, Judge or Jury. Candidates present in the process must be benefited from the information in the mediation. Use of different graphics and slides is a very important tool as it helps in grabbing the attention of Counsel and the parties in making out the best possible settlements.

Tips For Effective Mediation Presentation

When the parties fail or find it difficult to resolve a conflict, they can take the help of a mediator for an effective solution. Although it is important to note down that the mediator is not the judge. A mediator considers different aspects such as knowing what can be the best possible solution, knowing and effectively understanding the goal and interest if the parties, how the problem and after listening to all then come to a conclusion.


The presenter must consider the most helpful way to communicate information amongst parties and the mediator. Below, we are going to discuss about a few tips for an effective mediation presentation.

Adjust The Tone And Temperament

It is significant to first set the tone for the mediation. Although both mediation and trial needs skills, the mediation tone is always quite. You must adjust everything according to the atmosphere such as volume and voice that will help in effective mediation presentation. Activities such as name-calling table-thumping and Histrionics can lead to negativity so try to avoid it.


Using timelines helps everyone to focus on the event. You can use magic markers, notepad and an easel, on the fly to create the timeline. You can also create theses timelines in advance by describing its descriptions and color-coding and send those copies to everyone for better understanding of the event for any corrections/addition. As the reason is to give clear information, so it is must put dates and a little description.

Reporting And Responsibility Charts

Prepare a good Organization chart that contains reporting and responsibility by placing title, names and a brief summary of an individual’s involvement. It also helps in removing mistakes and confusion about fundamental unbiased facts.


Highlight Important Points

There are chances of having documents in legal terms it can be a known as a contract or legal document such as memoranda, correspondence, product literature, brochures or any other written information. There could be some information that deserves some special attention. It is suggested to highlight important points with the help of a magic marker in all the copies shared with the mediator and other parties involved.

PowerPoint Slides And Graphics

Presenting and summarizing difficult information in limited time can be a difficult job. So it is important while giving a presentation to be very careful, as a presentation is a combination of graphics and slides of information.

For a successful mediation presentation, it is important to know its advantages and disadvantages that will help you in making a great PowerPoint Presentation.

For an effective presentation, these graphics can be used in several ways:

  • Dry-mounts on an easel
  • Individual handouts
  • Presentation with a projector
  • Handwritten on a sketch pad
  • Documents with key phrases
  • Use of colors black and white and Color


Therefore, choosing the correct blend and method for your upcoming presentation on mediation will depend on your experience and judgement. Hence, a Mediation Presentation offers an opportunity to share your message, with a few limitations. The presenter’s main goal must be to engage everyone. So with the help of the above mentioned points spread the magic of mediation.