In today’s modern day age, creating a presentation is a valuable communication tool, as it gives the presenter a chance to convey useful information to an audience.  On the other hand, the presentation needs to be logical and straightforward and properly structured.

Thus, it becomes quite important for you to consider the concept of The Three Stages of presentation and Keeping the Audience’s Interest Alive, to create an effective PowerPoint Presentation.

Three Stages Of Presentation

Three Stages Of Presentation

No doubt, the key to make an effective presentation is to organize it properly and captivating the audience. There are three stages of presentation that plays a vital role in communicating the message clearly:



When it comes to delivering the introduction confidently, there has to be a spark and enthusiasm in your voice. The beginning part must explain the purpose and content of your presentation, only then you will be able to gain the listener’s confidence.

You can simply begin with something that you are comfortable with like a touch of suspense, a short video clip or a PowerPoint animation. You can even use Animated PowerPoint Templates to further enhance the look of your presentation and to make it more attention grabbing.


To show that you are sharing your experience with an audience, you can use personal examples wherever possible. Not just this, you need to make sure that there is a logical sequence to your material, as the subject matter of your talk plays a dominant role in helping you in focusing and prioritizing the information in a well defined way. To add interest to your presentation, you can use the supporting information without overburdening it with too many points.


Certainly, a good conclusion brings closing to your presentation. It is mainly considered as the part that audience remembers the best and so you require summarizing your talk in such a way that makes a lasting impact on your listeners. Therefore, never try to stop your presentation rather finish it in a perfect way.


If you want to captivate the audience’s interest alive, take a look at some of the significant points:

  • Anyone can make a research on your subject matter and so you need to just know your content inside and out. You don’t have to learn the script or central part of your presentation.
  • The key to a great presentation is visually stimulating slides which play an imperative role and so you can use them and can limit the amount of text on each slide so that your audience can easily learn and understand it.
  • The audience judges you by the way you carry yourself. Thus, you can wear a blue or black color which looks good on camera and also gives you a professional look.
  • Try to avoid distracting movements like jerky hand motions and touching your face. All this may distract your listeners. So, learn the way of delivery and you will be even more confident.

Hopefully, the above mentioned information will make your presentation count for both your virtual and live audiences.