It’s quite rare to find a well-crafted presentation template on topics related to repair and construction. This is why one might have to go through professional help or hours of work to create a nice presentation for a construction project or repair service, to impress customers. However, with the help of animated templates, you can save your time and money and instantly impress your audience with the help of interesting video animations and professionally designed slide layouts.

Animated Construction and Repair Themed Presentation Template

Install Your Sign is a construction template for PowerPoint with a handyman video animation. This template can be used for various types of presentation topics related to repair, development, construction, road safety, academic presentations and the like.


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handyman animation for powerpoint presentations

Customizable Video Animation of Handyman Installing a Sign

The template starts with an opening slide with a video animation of a handyman installing a sign. This animation can be customized in PowerPoint by adding your own title and logo.

install your sign customizable video animation slide


Useful Clipart Images

The video animation is followed by a range of sample slides with useful clipart images that you can use for making presentations on a variety of relevant topics. These images include clipart of road signs, handyman stick figures, tools, screws, etc.

construction clipart images

Impressive Sample Layouts

Using the multiple sample layouts you can create impressive slides by merely adding your own content or repositioning the clipart within and between slides. All sample layouts provide a specific type of format which can aid in quickly creating relevant presentation slides. These include picture, SmartArt, agenda and summary, graph and table page layouts.

four picture powerpoint layout

Install Your Sign PowerPoint Template can be downloaded in Standard and Widescreen format for the following versions of PowerPoint:

  • PowerPoint for PC (Version 2003 to 2013)
  • PowerPoint for Mac (Version 2008 to 2011)

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