Chrome Office Viewer is an extension for the Google Chrome browser which makes it possible to view Microsoft Office files in Chrome, such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents. This can be particularly useful if you don’t have MS Office installed on your desktop or mobile device and wish to quickly view a spreadsheet, PowerPoint presentation or MS Word document.

Chrome Office Viewer

View PowerPoint, Excel And Word Documents in Chrome Using Drag And Drop

When it comes to office documents, the Microsoft Office suite is one of the most commonly used and yet one of the most expensive application suites. The hefty MS Office suite price means that many people either cannot afford it or require using workarounds for viewing Office documents (e.g. Google Drive or the Microsoft Web App).

While one may have Microsoft Office applications like Excel, PowerPoint and Word installed on an office computer, the same might not be true for a home computer. This may be the case due to financial constraints, lack of preference or the incompatibility of MS Office with your desktop operating system. With the help of this simple extension you can view your Office documents by dragging them to your Chrome browser.

Open Files via Drag And Drop

No Need To Install Any Software

Using this extension you can avoid any kind document viewer or MS Office application for viewing your spreadsheets, presentations and MS Word documents.

Open PowerPoint Presentation in Chrome

Quick And Hassle Free Way of Viewing Office Documents

During testing we found the document opening time quite satisfactory and quick. Moreover, the extension opened various types of Microsoft Office documents without any glitches. In fact, it is also likely that your PowerPoint presentations might open more accurately using this extension rather than Google Drive, which often messes up uploaded PowerPoint slides. This makes this extension an ideal tool to view Microsoft Office files in Chrome

Open Excel Spreadsheet in Chrome

It is worth mentioning here that this extension is only a document viewer and does not support document editing. The formats supported by Chrome Office Viewer include; DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT and PPTX.

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