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Best Animated Autumn PowerPoint Templates

The irony of autumn leaves has been their beauty that requires for them to wither away. There is sadness, yet a distinct peace that one feels at the sight of flying autumn leaves. Below is our compilation of some amazing presentation templates that will blow you away. These are one of the Best Animated Autumn […]

Animated Halloween PowerPoint Template With Fall Animations

Fall Saturation is a unique animated template for PowerPoint presenters which provides layouts that depict both Halloween and fall themed backgrounds.

Animated Umbrella PowerPoint Template

Umbrella is often used to symbolize protection, security and safety. You can incorporate these themes in your presentations using the Animated Umbrella PowerPoint Template.

Animated Energy PowerPoint Template

Energy is a pressing topics nowadays. With electricity shortfalls, the need to power big cities with a minimum carbon footprint and the concept of self-sustainable life style being discussed, energy is a topic which is likely to be important for academic discussions.

Animated Traffic PowerPoint Template

Traffic, transportation, freight, travel, accidents and a range of other topics cross cut the traffic theme. The Animated Traffic PowerPoint Template depicts a video animation of heavy traffic on the freeway, with animated slides providing sample, editable presentation content.

Animated Truck PowerPoint Template

Animated Truck PowerPoint Template is a presentation slide deck with a video animation of a truck on the move. This template can be handy for presentation topics related to logistics, supply chain, transportation, business, marketing, traffic, freight, etc.

Animated Maritime Transport PowerPoint Template

Cargo shipments and maritime transport are subjects for which very few good animated templates are available. The Cargo Ship Animated PowerPoint Template is a slide deck with customizable infographic slides. The slides have been designed in such a way that you can use them for anything from making text-heavy slides to diagrams, illustrations and even […]

Piggy Bank Animated Financial PowerPoint Template

A piggy bank represents the first savings account that every child has. Different cultures have different names for such coin containers. While most are made of plastic, some in eastern cultures are made from clay. When presenting matters related to finance, banking, marketing or other business and money related presentation topics, a piggy bank can […]

Free Social Media Marketing Templates For PowerPoint

People engaged in the e-marketing business often require presenting their company portfolio and social media marketing strategy to potential and existing clients. If you are looking for an impressive social media marketing template for PowerPoint, then check out our suggested templates mentioned below.

Animated Transport Truck PowerPoint Template

When making presentations, a truck is perhaps one of the least likely template themes you would be looking for, unless your presentation is about transportation and freight. However, the Animated Transport Truck PowerPoint Template mentioned below is one fine presentation set that can help you create any type of presentation using interesting infographic layouts with truck […]

Best Free Technology PowerPoint Templates

Technology themed presentations are becoming more common in the wake of the rising use of computing devices. If you need to make a presentation on a technology related topic, then here are a few of our suggested Free Technology PowerPoint Templates.

Animated Isometric School PowerPoint Template

We recently brought you a brief overview of the isometric PowerPoint templates released by Presenter Media. In this post we will take a look at the features of one of these templates.