Project roadmaps are not always about the smooth sequence of a project. There are sunny days with positive results and storms that affect the venture. Uphill Road is an excellent slide deck with weather animations for making roadmaps and timelines.

This roadmap template for PowerPoint with weather animations can help you create comprehensive timelines and roadmaps, with scope for revealing past and anticipated (future) hurdles; as well as positive and negative externalities.


Uphill road animated PowerPoint template

Sunny Weather Animations

There are two set of slides in this animated template. The first set depicts a hill with sunny weather. These set of slides provide various layouts that can help you create roadmaps and timelines. The sign boards in these slides come with text-boxes and you can even add additional images and text-boxes according to need.

Sunny weather animations

The slides are designed to provide you with a complete roadmap template from start to end. The animated sunny weather animations can help you reveal positive externalities and the smooth functioning of the project. Furthermore, it can also be useful to use these slides for making project proposals; to have a positive psychological impact on your audience.


Roadmap slides with weather animations

Stormy Weather Animations

The same set of slides are also available with stormy weather animations. You can use these to reveal aspects like; possible issues in the project, existing problems that need attention, past problems, negative externalities, etc.

Storm animations for PowerPoint

These storm themed slides can be useful for making a balanced roadmap with forecasting for possible issues and their solutions; as well as to highlight the major issues that need attention for an existing venture. In case you are making a timeline for a historical event/venture, the negative aspects of the timeline can be shown using these slides.


Stormy hill animations

This template has versions for the latest editions of Microsoft PowerPoint and Keynote.

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Timeline slide with storm animation