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Animated Navigation PowerPoint Template

If you want to make a presentation depicting GPS markers and navigation related content, the Animated Navigation Roads PowerPoint Template can be quite a handy presentation template. It depicts various animated slides with navigation related imagery.

Animated Map Destinations PowerPoint Template

Making custom maps using PowerPoint shapes isn’t all that easy, however, using a readymade template can help you design your own custom maps. The Animated Map Destinations PowerPoint Template provides customizable sample maps with a set of 3 to 6 destinations in the form of different editable maps. There is also sample clipart to help […]

Animated Brazil Flag PowerPoint Template

When I see the flag of Brazil I instantly recall one thing, Football. But putting aside a foreigner’s lens I’m sure the people of Brazil can come up with a million other good things. However, to be on the safe side I would avoid comparing those good things with football, as for a soccer fan, nothing […]

Animated Energy PowerPoint Template

Energy is a pressing topics nowadays. With electricity shortfalls, the need to power big cities with a minimum carbon footprint and the concept of self-sustainable life style being discussed, energy is a topic which is likely to be important for academic discussions.

Animated Telecom & Communication PowerPoint Templates

Communication and telecom presentation templates are hard to find. Even the available ones lack a lot of important aspects like useful clipart images, diagram layouts, maps, etc. These elements can be essential in presenting important communication related details to an audience and not having them in a single template might mean spending hours looking for […]

Create Amazing Maps in Excel 2013 With Power Map Add-in

Power Map for MS Excel is a 3-dimensional data visualization tool that allows you to view the information in a different way. This wonderful tool by Microsoft allows you to have three dimensional view and discover insights that you might not be able to see with the two-dimensional charts & tables.

Flat World Map Template For PowerPoint

A combination of maps and animations in a presentation can play an important role in keeping it interesting on one hand and in engaging the viewer on the other. With this in mind we have covered reviews of various PowerPoint Map Templates. Global Popup PowerPoint Template is another outstanding map template that offers a lot […]

Interactive City PowerPoint Template

When laying out a map of a city during a presentation one may have to go through different slides explaining what part of the city lies where, followed by some detail about its routes and planning schematics. Such a presentation may be shown to tourists going on vacation (e.g. by a travel agency), to explain […]

How to Add a Google Maps Map to PowerPoint Presentation

You can use different approaches to add maps to your presentations but if you are looking for a way to add Google Maps map as a background of your PowerPoint presentations here we will show you a solution. The result we want to achieve is shown below, and as you can see we have placed […]

Solidarity PowerPoint Template

Solidarity PowerPoint Template is a free PowerPoint background template that you can download to make awesome PowerPoint presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010. This free solidarity PPT template can be used for social projects including social entrepreneurship and social ventures.  This solidarity slide design has people silhouettes in the master slide design with a nice globe […]