When I see the flag of Brazil I instantly recall one thing, Football. But putting aside a foreigner’s lens I’m sure the people of Brazil can come up with a million other good things. However, to be on the safe side I would avoid comparing those good things with football, as for a soccer fan, nothing else might matter! A part from the beautiful game, Brazil is home to some of the most exotic locations in the world, some delicious fruit varieties and an extraordinary martial arts culture. For those of you looking to make presentations about Brazil, here is a template you can use for making a killer presentation.

Brazil Flag Illustrations with Animated Slides

The Animated Brazil Flag PowerPoint Template gives presenters illustrations of the flag of Brazil with the Brazilian map, editable diagrams, tables, charts and a range of useful layouts. The template starts with an introductory slide which depicts a Brazilian flag fluttering.


Animated Brazil flag PowerPoint template

Create all Kinds of Slides using Brazilian Flag Layouts

In what follows, you get a number of layouts for making bulleted lists, charts and tables, as well as SmartArt diagrams which can be edited to represent various concepts. Furthermore, there is also the flag of Brazil embedded in many of the aforementioned, to help you brand your slides with the country’s flag.

Brazil flag chart slide

This might be useful for presentations specific to Brazil, such as academic presentations about the history of the country, presentations about Brazilian football, geography related presentations, marketing and sales presentations about the Brazilian consumer market and the like.


Brazil flag diagram

Create Presentations about Brazilian Football

While there are very few things in this template that can be directly associated with football, you can add additional content and customize existing sample slides to produce football related slides. You can also check out these Football PowerPoint Templates to gather additional content for your soccer related presentations.

Brazil flag clipart

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