If you want to make a presentation depicting GPS markers and navigation related content, the Animated Navigation Roads PowerPoint Template can be quite a handy presentation template. It depicts various animated slides with navigation related imagery.

GPS and Navigation Themed PowerPoint Template

The slide deck begins with a map depicting various GPS markers, marking various locations. This opening slide can help you set the tone for your presentation with introductory text.


Animated Navigation PowerPoint Template

The following content slide can be used for adding discussion points for the presentation. This can help you create a table with key highlights about what you intend to discuss ahead in your presentation.

Animated Navigation PowerPoint Template with Content Slide

Create Navigation Related Timelines and Infographics

The third slide shows a maze of roads with key areas highlighted in red. You can move around the given red dots. Each dot comes with a number which can also be edited and changed. You can use this slide for making infographics and timelines.


Road Timeline with Connecting Roads

There are also other timeline slides which you can use for making timelines and project roadmaps. These slides provide markers for highlighting each milestone on the slide. You can also duplicate slides to extend your timeline across multiple slides.

Road Timeline

You can also include your own tables and charts and create new slides to fashion your presentation. There are a variety of unique animated slides which can help you highlight important parts of your content with the visual aid of graphics that stand out. The slides have been designed in a manner which allows highlighting content automatically, once you add something to a given placeholder.

Roadmap Slide with Placeholders

This navigation themed template can be downloaded from the developer’s website links provided below. You can choose to download the template as a standard or widescreen PowerPoint template.

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