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Learn how to make charts in PowerPoint so you can display tabulated data using a nice visualization tool. The articles under this category will show you how to make popular charts in PowerPoint like line chart with data points, pie charts as well as other more advanced charts like the Gap Analysis chart in Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 and 2010.

Best Free Graph Makers & Online Drawing Tools

Many of us are increasingly shifting our activities from laptops and desktop computers to tablets and smartphones. Many people use their mobile devices to check and respond to emails, social media accounts and even to do a bit of office work. Despite the leaps in technology, the transition at best has been slow. This is […]

Animated Transport Truck PowerPoint Template

When making presentations, a truck is perhaps one of the least likely template themes you would be looking for, unless your presentation is about transportation and freight. However, the Animated Transport Truck PowerPoint Template mentioned below is one fine presentation set that can help you create any type of presentation using interesting infographic layouts with truck […]

Animated Graph Template For PowerPoint

Charts and diagrams form an important part of professional presentations where one might require projecting trends, forecasts and technical models. The Graph Chart Trends Animated Template for PowerPoint can be used for projecting trends using animated, editable charts and diagrams.

Best Sites For Creating Infographics

Many newbies find it confusing to create infographics as most people aren’t equipped with the skills to create elaborate illustrations using PhotoShop or CorelDraw. Even if they could, it can take hours of work and even then the final product can be less than adequate as one might lack the skills to gloss up the […]

Create Amazing Maps in Excel 2013 With Power Map Add-in

Power Map for MS Excel is a 3-dimensional data visualization tool that allows you to view the information in a different way. This wonderful tool by Microsoft allows you to have three dimensional view and discover insights that you might not be able to see with the two-dimensional charts & tables.

Create And Share Professional Looking Charts Online With ChartBlocks

ChartBlocks is actually a web based service with the help of which beautifully looking charts can be created conveniently. Moreover, apart from sharing these charts online you can even download them in various file formats such as Microsoft Excel, PDF and vector graphic formats.

Quickly Create Online Charts By Entering Data Using Chart Creator

Graphical representation of data is an integral part of our socio-economic setup. Be it poll results or the annual sales chart, representing complex data is easier in the form of graphs and charts. There are a number of ways that one can represent the same set of data. One can use pie charts, bar graphs, […]

Best Gantt Chart Makers For Project Management

Gantt charts play an important role in project management and many project managers might have to create them from scratch to keep an eye on project progress. However, making a Gantt chart on your own is a pure waste of time, considering there are a plethora of useful tools and templates that can help you […]

Best PowerPoint Templates With Charts And Graphs

Charts and graphs can not only be essential but unavoidable at times when making presentations. Making use of charts and graphs using editable presentation templates can save you a lot of time, as you can quickly create presentation slides with relevant data and avoid worrying about making your charts look visually appealing. Here are a […]

Display Graphs As Infographics With Graph Blocks Template For PowerPoint

The Graph Blocks Template for PowerPoint is a brilliant option for all those users who are looking to present their graphs with the help of animations and attractive graphics. This animated template comprises of infographic like slides that offer a new approach towards presenting bar charts. It also provides editable sample slides with layouts which […]

Create Professional Looking Business Presentations With Slidevana

Most users use readymade templates for PowerPoint and Keynote for making presentations. We at SlideHunter also provide professionally made Business PowerPoint Templates for easy creation of presentations with business oriented diagrams, charts, clipart and backgrounds. However, complete slide sets with charts and graphs can be quite handy for making professional looking presentations. Slidevana is a […]

Free Editable Charts in PowerPoint

Downloading free Editable Charts in PowerPoint is a good way to save time and money when you need to design your next PowerPoint presentation. Here you can find free editable charts for Microsoft PowerPoint presentations that you can download from our site and use in your own slides. Free editable chart templates for PowerPoint 2010 […]