A wheel is used in making charts and depicting future trends for concepts such as Futures Wheel. You can use a wheel illustration for creating anything from a pie chart to timelines, forecasts and infographics. The Animated Wheel Chart PowerPoint Template gives animated wheel illustrations for making your charts forecasts, infographics and more.

Animated Wheel Chart Slides

The template starts with a colorful wheel chart with sample text. You can also recolor the elements of the title slide to match your branding needs, as well as add a logo and other related information to introduce your presentation topic.


Animated wheel chart PowerPoint template

The animated slides load the wheel on mouse-click or as you proceed with the next part of your slide. The preconfigured animations load each part of the wheel with complete control in the hands of the presenter. This means you can load parts of your slide one by one. This can make it easy to explain the context of your topic.

Wheel themed slides for PowerPoint

Different Versions of Wheel Chart Slides

There are different versions of the sample wheel slides with five, four and three point slides that you can customize to expand according to need. There are also slides with an explanation of how to edit the slides to customize slide elements according to need.


Five point wheel slide

The wheel animations open towards the right to reveal the complete wheel chart when you play the presentation as a slideshow. This animated illustration is available in most of the slides in this template. Alternatively, you can also use the sample layout in this template to create text-heavy slides. This layout has a small wheel animation which loads on top of the screen.

Three point wheel chart design

You can preview the animations for this Wheel Chart PowerPoint Template by viewing the video demo on the developer’s website. The demo shows how each wheel animation loads in a PowerPoint slideshow.

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