Undoubtedly, PowerPoint is the most valuable tool to improve your Presentation. Significantly it has brought great improvements in the world of Presentations and business world. On the other hand, presenters relying on their slide deck too much make their Presentation less interesting for an audience.

For making Presentations, most of the people who use PowerPoint tend to insult the technology by putting their audiences to sleep. Thus, all this ultimately results in killing the Presentation by not utilizing the software effectively and not understanding the audience’s interests and expectations.

Blunders during PowerPoint Presentation

Either the mistakes arise from lack of interest or psychological tension, Some Common Blunders during PowerPoint Presentation can easily blow away the constructive ideas and the true meaning behind your Presentation. Some of them are here as under:



During the presentation, you just can’t say sorry for those things that are beyond your control. Likewise: haircut, weather, traffic and many more. Your audience would likely to be interpret it as the permission not to pay attention, a shored up delay for a confused speaker and a conking tactic.


If you really want people to care about what you are conveying to them, it is essential for you to find a matter. Even if you are discussing a new ERP system, remember that your listener has not heard this kind of stuff before. Thus, if you think that you have got the insignificant material, certainly your listeners are going to give back to you.

Reading off Each Word

From a presentation skills point of view, when a presenter reads off every last word of slides, it looks bad. Because, the presenter tends to lose eye contact with listeners and further on it results in audience looking at the speaker’s backside all the time.

Content Stuffing

Audiences who are trying to listen to the Presentation and reading the slide at the same time may feel frustrated. Therefore, use bullet ed points that emphasize and highlight the talking points. It would be recommended to not to include too much content on the slide as it may appear duplicate about what the speaker is saying.


Too Long Talking

Always try to finish before the time and never exceed the time you have been given to speak in front of audience. These days, people are stressed out and impatient and it becomes imperative for you to treat your presentation as a series of briefer one.

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Creating a PowerPoint is no easier task for anyone; however by avoiding the above mentioned blunders, it will allow you to make your Presentation more error free and successful.