As your presentation day approaches, there are so many thoughts playing in your mind; for many every demonstration whether it is the first one they made or the tenth, they have butterflies in their stomach. Presentation styles and techniques are critical nowadays, not only from the point of view of the subject being demonstrated, but also how and the audience it will be presented to.

Presentation Styles techniques powerpoint

Here is an analysis of the different presentation styles and techniques that you can take advantage of using your own speeches as well as other supporting tools like PowerPoint or Keynote for your presentations, pertaining to various categories, they are based on:

Management Presentation

Whether it is for a boardroom meeting or a sales oriented demonstration, there are few factors that remain unchanged; the company’s aura should rule the show, it should have an absolute formal appeal and you need to carry the attitude of a professional.


As mentioned before you have to be at your formal best, yet your speech delivery tone should have a candid if not friendly rhythm. Do not project yourself as a dominating personality, who is unapproachable, it will be counted as a negative stance.



Since this is more like hit the nail on the head and hit it hard’ you should have the bang-on effect. Be ready with your statistics and summary of other reports. If possible you can also pass around some printouts to create better impression.

This audience does not like reading from the screen, they recognize themselves more with figures, therefore create your slides with short phrases and accurate numerical data.

Educational Presentation

In this case the age-group of your audience and even their mindset plays a decisive role, in the designing as well as presentation styles and themes. Try to base it on a thought, they identify themselves most with.  An understanding of the localized outlook of their surroundings and social strata is important here.


Try to be informally formal at the beginning and wait till they open-up. If you are friendly from the beginning they might not take you seriously. Hence, patience is important till the ice is broken. Go amidst them as you present, be more like a storyteller. The more interesting facts you have, the more they will be interested in you.


You can create a vibrant and graphically impressive presentation. Integrating videos and illustrations is a must, but do not congest it with excess of these. Everything need not be mentioned on the slides, just a zest or a one liner. Be the narrator and tell them the purpose of the whole exhibition.

Informational Presentation

This can be meant for sending across a social message or spreading awareness about a particular subject or topic. These are simple to create but equally difficult to present, because the listeners are varied, so you exactly do not know what kind of technique or style to adopt.

The best way in this matter is to be impromptu, just try to study and analyze your audience for some time and then start with your deliberation. Try to capture the audience’s attention through some stirring tale or incident, it always works. Although, the extemporaneous attitude is difficult to achieve, yet with some experience and dedication it can be acquired.

You can download free presentation templates for PowerPoint and Keynote from this website including free diagrams and PowerPoint slide designs.