Giving your team a bunch of papers to carry out regular sales related activities seems too cumbersome and in some cases, impossible due to the changing nature of technology. Showpad is a web based platform and mobile app which provides a comprehensive set of options for providing relevant information to your sales staff in downloadable form on their smartphones and tablets.



Instantly Provide Relevant Information to Sales Staff via Mobile Devices

Being a mobile sales enablement platform, Showpad has a number of features that seem to be godsend for sales personnel. Showpad makes it possible to instantly upload and publish content, with integration with famous sales and cloud storage platforms including; Salesforce, Dropbox, Google Drive and Box.

Your sales staff can simply login to their respective accounts to a Showpad app via a tablet or mobile device and instantly acquire relevant information to start their activities. Furthermore, Showpad is even accessible via a web browser, using any internet connected device, which also makes it easily accessible from desktop computers and laptops.

Upload sales information to Showpad

Select What Information is Downloadable by Which Employee

Not only does Showpad make it possible for sales staff to download relevant information by logging in with their accounts but also allows assigning user privileges by central management, say, a sales manager.


With Showpad you can create channels to better organize the sales content and grant access to relevant users so that each sales representative gets access to only required information.

Showpad user profiles

Easy Organization Options

Showpad has various handy features that can help managers and sales reps to better organize their content so that they can be efficient in disseminating sales information when needed. Users can instantly upload files, tag them and make use of custom folder icons. Showpad also supports custom branding such as logos and backgrounds, which can help add a more personalized touch to your account, which can be particularly helpful when presenting content to a potential client via a Showpad app for iPad or Android.

Customize folders and sales content

Showpad Walkthrough Video

To find out how you can use Showpad to supercharge your sales team, see the developer’s walkthrough video given below.

Showpad has various packages including the Professional, Premium and Enterprise package, with a starting price of €19 per user per month (billed annually). Showpad apps for mobile devices are compatible with:

  • iOS 6.0 or later for iPad
  • Android 4.0 or above

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