Well! These three are the only ones present in the arena. First is the actual performer (the presenter), second his sidekick or aid (presentation) and third, the one who has to be entertained (the audience). The actual enterprise revolves around the ability to create a relation between these three components, such that it is able to generate sales or leads.

Relation between the Presentation, Presenter and the Audience

Now, coming to the critical scenario of the business; if the presenter is unable to create a synchronization with his demonstration or unable to build a rapport with the audience, his total effort goes in vain. Although it is all being handled by the presenter, and no matter how dedicatedly he works in beautifying and practicing on his exhibition skills, if the listeners come with a predetermined mindset, then there is bound to be a communication gap.


Presentation is only the facilitator of the concept, hence it’s function is being utilized as a tool. Therefore, it is absolutely dependable on the skill of the presenter who is also the designer of the concept in maximum cases, to utilize the idea creatively and attractively.

Here are a few points, that will help you understand the relation between these three:

Plan and Practice

Make sure you are acquainted with the layout of the presentation. It is better to create it yourself. If there are several coordinators and the demonstration has been divided into slots, then practice your slot such that it does not sound like a mugged up story.

Make the Session Interactive

Let the audience also talk. If you have been given the reins, does not mean you are there to dominate the show, it has to be a game of equals. Let the other side speak too, so that there is clarification of doubts and there are chances of better bonding.


Use the Slides Intelligently

They should be adequate in number and that depends on the topic and the type of listeners. If it has something graphical or illustrative then you might add more slides, otherwise simple, long paragraphs should be avoided.

Come up with a Unique Story

There has to be a flow in the concept, and as is the standard scenario that the story tends to droop in the middle course, introducing something appealing in the middle will keep the interest of the audience alive.

Your story should make the audience sit-up and strain their ears. Moreover, it is the talent of the teller which makes or kills the magic in the tale.

Don’t Criticize until You can Appreciate

This is for the listeners, if you have not heard the whole story, then do not spread rumors. If you feel that the presenter does not have the charisma in him, you can surely read the slides to get a zest of the demonstration and only then should you make up your mind.

The above stated points are vital and if understood and implemented with care, they will help you create, coordinate and judge presentations properly. If you enjoyed this article, why do not share it with your friend and colleagues or alternatively you can browse for free PowerPoint templates including this free SWOT PPT template.