If you have an important presentation or speech coming up, using a Teleprompter might be handy. Even Presidents use it! While some people like learning the speech by heart or making short paper notes for PowerPoint or Keynote presentations, however such techniques can quickly fail in the wake of lengthy manuscripts. using a scrolling teleprompter might help but you might not be able to afford a regular one. There is however a solution! Prompterous is an iOS application which can turn your  iPad device into a scrolling teleprompter for presentations.

Prompterous Auto-Scroll

Read A Manuscript From Your iPad During Presentations And Speeches

With this app you can create documents natively and import existing ones from various cloud storage services like Dropbox and Google Drive. This can help you grab and create documents containing key points and even entire scripts for your presentations or speeches. When using Prompterous you can also hide the iPad by placing it in front of you at a spot (of the desk) that is hidden from the audience. This way, you can deliver your presentations or speeches with confidence like a Pro.


Start Teleprompter

Transfer Files To Prompterous Using Dropbox, Google Drive Or Email

Transferring files to Prompterous is quite easy, as you can use services like Dropbox and Google Drive to import documents and add files to the reading list by emailing them to “text@prompterous.com”. In case of the latter, the service will provide you with a code after your mail is sent. This code can be used for importing your mails to your iPad  device. Moreover, you can always use the native Prompterous features to create new documents from scratch.

Import Documents From Dropbox Or Google Drive

Manage Auto-Scroll And Timer Settings

The Prompterous settings menu allows adjusting the speed of the auto-scroll and offers options to manage the timer and countdown settings to suit your needs. You can even tinker with color and text style and view changes in Preview mode, which is located at the bottom of the screen.


Prompterous Settings

Prompterous works only with iPad and requires iOS version 5.0 or higher.

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