Adding fun elements to your speech can help in improving your efficiency as a speaker. It is your speech only which will give you that required presentation success so it has to be powerful with an interesting opening.

Comical Styles To Commence Your Speech

The introductory part of your speech must be in such a way that it grabs maximum audience interest. In order to get this kind of attention from your listeners you need to adopt some interesting Comical Styles to Commence a Speech. Your success simply depends upon your timing, word choice and your PowerPoint Presentation style. This will keep the public fully engaged in what all you are speaking.

  • One of the best ways to initiate your speech is by telling a short story in context to your topic. People love this kind of opening as it makes them curious about what is next to come. So a short compelling story can do wonders for your seminar.
  • Present the topic related figures and statistics in a funny and creative way. Since these are the result of live surveys so people usually find them interesting and listen to them carefully, in a way serving dual purpose.
  • Humor in the opening speech can change the mood of your audience. It is an amazing way to break the ice in order to make your audience relaxed. Cracking jokes in context to your topic will make your Presentation more interesting and worth listening.
  • Before starting your actual slide show, try to lighten up the environment with the help of funny slides. This little effort will work excellently in gaining listeners’ attention which will ultimately result in a successful presentation. Just give a jovial touch to your speech along with this slide show and see the magic it has on the public.
  • Make use of props while giving a seminar. These funny items used in the presentation will enable your audience to understand you well but in a comical way. Inclusion of such amusing things will surely attract more and more people towards what you are speaking.

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