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Dashboard Gauges for PowerPoint

Dashboard Gauges for PowerPoint



Free Dashboard Gauges for PowerPoint is an awesome gauge design that you can download and use in your PowerPoint presentations to make dashboards and cool slides with gauge meters. You can use the meter design as an indicator to sales performance or any other business performance indicator or KPI. The speedometer shape design contains an editable text box where you can enter the total sales or total value for any KPI and then you can adjust the level of the meter.

Two speedometer gauges for dashboards placed in two columns with editable textboxes and blue levels

We already posted some templates for PowerPoint containing cool dashboard speedometer shapes, clock designs for PowerPoint and other cool gauges for dashboards that you can download instead of this free dashboard gauge template.

Example of editable shape for the gauge showing how to change the level used to fill the meter.

In order to adjust the meter you need to drag the yellow diamond from the filled area.

Inside the dashboard PowerPoint gauge template you can find some other useful slide designs like 2 columns with gauges and multiple gauge designs.

Meter Gauge slide design for PowerPoint dashboards using a cyan light color

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