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Free Marketing PowerPoint Template

Free Marketing PowerPoint Template



This free Marketing PowerPoint template is a business presentation design for PowerPoint (and Google Slides) that you can use to prepare presentations on a marketing plan or marketing strategy. The marketing template for PowerPoint contains useful marketing slide layouts that can be used to describe and present a marketing strategy to an audience. It contains useful slides such as:

  • Cover slide for Marketing plan presentation
  • Executive Summary slide for a Marketing presentation
  • Who we are and our team slides (About Our Team slides)
  • Target Audience & Marketing opportunities
  • Company Goals slides
  • Main Goal slide
  • Market size
  • Competitors slide
  • Our Process slide design
  • Infographic slides for a marketing presentation
  • A simple but effective Thank you slide

Here is a sneak peek to show you want you can find in this marketing plan PowerPoint template once you download it.

Free Marketing Plan PowerPoint Template

A free editable Marketing PowerPoint template for presentations

Your marketing department can use a Marketing PowerPoint Template to prepare presentations to grow your business. The Marketing Plan template is typically such kind of template that addresses some of the following questions related to your business and marketing strategy.

  • Who is your audience and target goals?
  • How do you plan to reach the specific audience and target goals?
  • How to make your brand and business in front of your audience?
  • Who are your competitors?

The template can also prepare marketing research with your team or prepare the perfect marketing strategy with the marketing mix model. Digital marketers can use this template to prepare slide decks for their social media marketing presentations. They can also prepare presentations on digital marketing campaigns, combining planning and research slides with compelling roadmaps describing the action plans.

How this marketing plan presentation template can be used?

The marketing plan can be used along different company stages. Whether you are in the startup stage or as an established business, a proper marketing plan can help you to succeed. Furthermore, the marketing plan template can help you to coordinate the required efforts to make your company jump to the next level, be it in sales, customer acquisition or brand recognition. This way, a marketing plan template is crucial to achieving your company’s growth goals.

The slides in the Marketing PowerPoint Template can be edited in Microsoft PowerPoint so you can replace the text placeholders and include your own text.

Editable PowerPoint - Marketing presentation

Slides can also be customized with your own data. For example, the TAM SAM SOM model represented below can be enlarged or you can enter the real market size value (in millions or billions) next to the text placeholders.

Market Size TAM SAM SOM

This free marketing plan template for PowerPoint (and Google Slides) can be used to prepare presentations aimed to achieve your business goals.


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