Instead of lugging a laptop bag,  nowadays you can simply use smartphones to deliver a effective PowerPoint Presentation as they have enough processing power. Just think about how great it would be to use modern devices that can easily fit in your pocket than carrying those heavier equipment to the venue.

In today’s high technology savvy world, there is an abundance of smartphones I phone, Android and many more you can use to create PowerPoint Presentations that can have a huge impact on your  audience.


CEO of Smart Draw, Paul Stannard,said that ” If a picture’s worth a thousand words, it’s worth 10,000 on the small screen”. Thus, number one rule for designing a PowerPoint Presentation for smartphone is to show as much as you can.

PowerPoint designing tips on smartphone:

Use diagrams

If you are trying to describe how your organization is formed, or whatever you are going to present in front of the audience visuals don’t just have to be clip art,  drawings or photographs. Rather, you should also use different types of diagrams to make PowerPoint Presentation more efficient.

Larger is better

According to the recent study, it has been found that due to the poor quality of Presentations on smart phones, readers tend to lose interest reading papers on mobile devices. Therefore, it becomes important for you to use the big enough type size to make reading easier and simpler for audience.


To create a different experience for the viewers,  make a slide that looks totally dissimilar. Likewise, you can expand a photo to take up the total sphere of slide, then you can run the text in black, just like the sky.


High contrast colors

Bright light can make it difficult for your audience to see what is on the smartphone, so you can simply reimburse by using high contrast colors. This is how you can make it convenient for your viewers.

Incorporate audio

Whatever you are going to create for your audience, make sure you take account of some kind of audio track as undoubtedly presenter’s voice plays a dominant role in delivering a perfect PowerPoint Presentation.

Presentation package

Always try to pick the package that you likes and do take into consideration its pitfalls and advantages. Certainly, you will be able to make a best decision. You can choose the perfect one as there are plenty available on internet. Go ahead! Deliver a Presentation your audience loves!

To keep your PowerPoint slides simple, use your mobile device like a personal cue card system. Henceforth, don’t take much time and adopt this advanced way of giving Presentation. Surely, no time left for you to become a good speaker.