PowerPoint Presentation is in itself an engaging technique, and when presented with the fervor of a professional and enthusiast its appeal is enhanced.

Having said that one cannot deny that it is an equally  crucial application, to keep the audience enchanted throughout, you have to cast the spell of articulation and creativity.

The countdown to keep your audience in grip, starts from the moment you decide on the topic of your presentation. Let us scrutinize some points and determine their effective usage in keeping the audience enraptured.


The Story Teller Stance

It always works, strategize the layout of the presentation like the flow of a story. It should go smooth, so should your speech. Practice your dialogue with the movement of the slides.

There are two ways to start the presentation:

  1. You introduce the subject with an example or incident, better if it is real life.
  2. Let the story begin through slides and you let the audience make up a mindset. This creates interest and curiosity.

Utilizing Techniques

Make effectual yet adequate use of transitions and graphics, do not overdo it. The latest version of PowerPoint Presentations give you ample opportunity to make a creative display of your ideas, make full use of it.

You can time the shifting of the slides such that it changes itself with the progress of your speech. But applying this concept needs practice.


Prevent Wavering of Thoughts

It is said that the interest of the audience starts dropping with the progress of the presentation. Rather the fact is the presenter diverts his focus from the main subject.

Make sure that you do not stuff-in too many ideas in a single presentation. It will only confuse the listener. Even if you want to introduce a new idea, build up a proper foundation for it, so that the audience id prepared to accept it.

Make it interactive

Ask a few questions to the audience but do not make it a quiz competition. Fascinate them to participate, do not compel!

Always keep the last few minutes for questions and if you are a confident communicator, allow them to put forward their doubts during the presentation.

Speech Skills

This is utmost important, there should be enunciation, expression and some drama. Keep yourself prepared to answer questions, they might come from anyone but your answer needs to be impressive enough for everyone.

Command over the voice and language is important. Be audible to all and do not flaunt your language skill by using jargons. Use simple and understandable words, although a little bit of show-off is allowed.

So, pick-up the thread from the above ideas and captivate your audience. You can download free PowerPoint templates for your effective PowerPoint presentations from SlideHunter.