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Choosing The Color Scheme For PowerPoint Presentations

In order to quickly design a nice PowerPoint Presentation, there are various tools that you may use. There is a built in color scheme that comes standard in each Microsoft PowerPoint theme and adds color to your presentation. Further on, it helps the audience to get a fair understanding about what you are presenting.

How To Convert Video To GIF For PowerPoint Presentations

Ever seen those flashy GIF avatars that playback a video loop? It’s time you learned how to make one and better yet, how to convert your videos to GIF for PowerPoint presentations. QGifer is an open source, application to convert video to GIF format. Such a GIF image can be used for anything from a […]

How To Create A Resume Presentation?

As the method of job hunting is changing day by day, so is the approach of getting a perfect job. There was a time when people used the conventional ways to sell their skills and expertise but now Presentations have completely changed the whole scenario. Now, people are using unique designs and strategies to bring […]

How Should Be Your Presentation Speech Opening

To have that first great impression on your listeners you need to work hard on your speaking skills. A superb presentation opening has the power to keep your audience fully engaged.  Usually, initiating a seminar is considered to be the most stressful task. As it is the deciding point for your success, so opening it […]

Three Stages Of An Effective Presentation

While delivering an effective presentation, it is important to have the potential to speak and represent yourself publicly but at the same time it is important to prepare an effective organizational presentation structure. Beginning with a thorough research on the topic and figuring out the goal or objective you want to achieve, would help you […]

Some Points to Remember while Organizing a Presentation

In today’s IT friendly world, as a presenter organizing a presentation can have major impact upon your success. To some extent, organizing is the basis of modern society and so it’s important for you to give an effective Presentation that meets the requirements of audience. No wonder, a perfect Presentation always deliver information that is […]

Do Audio Visuals Enhance or Make Your Presentation a Distraction?

Audio Visuals (aka AVs) are being brought to use extensively in Demonstrations and general purpose presentations, whether related to corporate or education sectors. But off late the usage of these have have turned a little controversial. There are many users and critics who have raised the question of, do AVs enhance or make your presentation […]

Advantages of PowerPoint for Presentations

Why have PowerPoint Presentations gained so much popularity over the years? Why has the frequency of utilizing it in different sectors of corporate, education, scientific etc. elevated in recent times? There are several benefits of using PowerPoint over other modes of demonstration. Below are listed a few points which will help build a better understanding, […]

Avoiding Monotony during a PowerPoint Presentation

It is actually difficult to keep your audiences’ interest intact during a presentation. Especially if they are meant to be shown and lectured on many topics one after the other, they are sure to get bored and if you do not have anything interesting or unique then, they might even get annoyed. The tricks are […]

Planning an Effective PowerPoint presentation

When you are about to have a public speech, then it becomes imperative for you to use PowerPoint from a technical outlook. Undoubtedly, when it’s used effectively it may add outstandingly to your Presentations and certainly it will make you more efficient in planning an effective Presentation. For public speaking, PowerPoint has become a reliable […]

How to Insert PDF File into PowerPoint 2010

The Insert function enables users to add various useful contents into PowerPoint, but absolutely it is far from enough. For making a great PowerPoint presentation and to insert a data document, usually in PDF file, PowerPoint allows to insert picture, photo album, video, audio, etc. directly, but you cannot insert PDF file that way, especially […]

What are the Benefits of Oral Presentations

You must have participated in some elocution, recitation or extempore contests during your school days. What was the experience like? Searching for an interesting and unique topic Researching on how to make it even more impressive Practicing dedicatedly (especially in front of the mirror) Then the adrenaline gush, as your name is announced for the […]