How Should Be Your Presentation Speech Opening

To have that first great impression on your listeners you need to work hard on your speaking skills. A superb presentation opening has the power to keep your audience fully engaged.  Usually, initiating a seminar is considered to be the most stressful task. As it is the deciding point for your success, so opening it effectively will help you out in achieving professional sounding presentation. No matter which platform you may present to display your slides, be it PowerPoint or Keynote, at the end of the day, your speech will matter, particularly your opening speech.


Now, how should be your Presentation Speech Opening so that it’s easy to gain that desired audience attention from the beginning itself.  Well, there are number of ways to have an interesting speech opening which will not only give you success but will also make your presentation worth remembering.

The best way to deliver an amazing speech is by sticking to your topic from the very beginning and initiating it effectively in an influencing way so that it grabs the audience attention. Start with something compelling, humorous, imaginative or shocking, in such a way that your listeners don’t feel like leaving their seats.

There are a number of ways by which one can make a remarkable opening. These are as follows:

Opening a speech with a question

If you start your speech by asking a question then you will surely get that attention and interest from your audience. Instant questions usually engage the listeners into the topic as they try to give answers after deep thinking. It’s just a warm session for the audience so that they have their brains working while the actual presentation starts.


Open a Speech using a Quote

Beginning with some well-known quotation is the perfect way to open up your speech. A quotation in your speech is like a weapon in your hands that will definitely provide you a successful ending. So your ending depends upon your opening. Bring some innovation to your way of presentation delivery.

Opening a presentation with a influencing statement

You can have superb opening if you begin with a bold and influencing statement.  This is another good way to attract people towards your speech.  Presenting startling statistics along with some bold claims will make the whole environment interesting, in a way giving birth to informational talks.

Opening a speech telling a story

Try to create some topic related scene before giving presentation, and use that to tell a story. This will force your audience to imagine accordingly and will automatically generate their interest in what you are saying. Storytelling is by itself a broad topic, but people usually forget the words but remember the pictures you made them imagine.

Opening up with a short amusing story or some real life experience is a good way to grab your listeners’ attention. Using such things before starting an actual presentation will surely attract people towards your seminar.

Hence, the above mentioned ways describes how one should give an opening speech for a Presentation so that large numbers of listeners get attracted towards it. Make a perfect beginning today to enjoy that desired successful ending.