Audio Visuals (aka AVs) are being brought to use extensively in Demonstrations and general purpose presentations, whether related to corporate or education sectors. But off late the usage of these have have turned a little controversial. There are many users and critics who have raised the question of, do AVs enhance or make your presentation a distraction?

Certainly AV aids have elevated the level of presentation style, which is why they have gained a significant positioning in exhibition of facts and figures. However, some experts have strongly supported the point that these are a diversion for the audience.

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As stated above, we will consider the two main scenarios where presentations are competently used; to help us analyze in detail, the effectiveness of Audio Visual support:

Using AVs in Education

The increasing trends of using videos in classroom has been upheld on the basis, that it gives a boost to the cognitive developments of the learners. But there are some who have strong grounds, which suggest otherwise.


It adds some amount of entertainment; especially in case of kids who show more interest when some sort of video is played. For instance, we actually do not forget the nursery rhymes because our teachers sang them to us and even role played so that we remembered the drama or the gestures. Similarly, when learners these days are shown some AVs it stays in their memory for long period. The impact is better on their mind.


Imagine you are teaching in a classroom, where the students are staring at the screen and either taking down notes; listening to some audio, or busy watching a video. Will you be left with any interest in explaining or putting forward the details of the topic?


Here the complexity is not only for the pupils but even the mentor. Hence, you need to think twice as to what will be your role as an educator, if there are only AVs being played in your classroom.

Using Audio Visuals in Corporate Presentations

Presentations in the management world is an every day scenario. Sometimes it is for the sales and marketing related requirements; and there are the in-house board meetings which are equally critical to the business development. Usage of AVs in these times have been challenged, for they have been the cause of inconvenience too.


They are impressive; they prove you are a technologically updated presenter and they are high on information. When you go for a presentation with a better demonstration preparation, your confidence is built-up and these aids also prove helpful in better gestures and improving presentation skills.

You have a better hand over others in the room and once the prospects are impressed, there is no looking back.


Not everybody is techno friendly, there are some who in fact oppose too much of integration of technology into all types of work scenario. You will lose their confidence instantly. Moreover, if the video does not support the other technical widgets and devices, you are sure to lose your confidence there. Furthermore, they might be interpreted by people of varied mindsets, differently; which can have detrimental effects.

These enhancements are critical, hence they should be put to use with care. Audio visuals are not strictly synonymous of animated cliparts or slide animations or transitions. You can include audio visuals as videos from Youtube or any other video embedding a player into PowerPoint, or make awesome slide designs from screen beans.