All thanks goes to Bill Gates and his team of professionals who invented MS PowerPoint that most of us have access to. In today’s high tech savvy world, to deliver effective presentations PowerPoint skills play a vital role and one just can’t deny this fact.


Whether you are a salesman, professor or student PowerPoint Presentation skills may increase your ability to get your point across and interact effectively. No matter, the technology is used in your Presentation, but at the same time it’s not easier to get an audience interested and engaged.


There are various uses of PowerPoint Presentations in modern days like sales gathering, corporate training sessions, learning, marketing meetings and business.

PowerPoint & other Presentation Techniques

Power Point vs Oral:

In PowerPoint presentation, the most effective strategy one can undertake is to use a discussive approach which allows presenter to move around the room, ask questions and bring an excitement to the audience. Whereas, in Oral Presentation think about your audience first and convince them about a particular point of view.  Only an effective presenter can make the most boring slides sound very invoking. No matter, how well constructed your presentation is, but you should know how to come across to the listeners.

Power Point vs. Keynote:

When it comes to talk about PowerPoint Presentation, Only use lose figures and try to write down the exact thing that you are going to tell your audience.  Certainly, if you present less, then it’s better as audience is not here to listen to large amount of information. Whereas Keynote program just cannot support visual basic, but very easy to use and provide Alpha transparency support as well.

PowerPoint vs. Whiteboard:

Whiteboard gives you an opportunity successfully engage with audience and surely you can make your Presentation your effective by certifying your sales force on Whiteboard. These days, this technique of presentation is in huge demand. Coming to PowerPoint presentation, well it gives you a platform to draw attention of audience by communicating effectively.


Surely, after this comparative study you would be easily able to judge the difference between PowerPoint Presentation and other techniques. So, what are you thinking about? Make your Presentation eye catching and calm your nerves before delivering effective Presentation. Only then, you will be able to bring the magic.

Readers! No one would stop you from getting successful in becoming a great presenter. Thus, go ahead! Get yourself ready for the new chapter of your professional life!