When was the last time you delivered a speech? May be at a friend’s wedding or last week after dinner at a charity event! Well, you may not remember the exact occasion but we all know that special ceremonies are always marked with valuable words from important people.

It is quite obvious that the type of speech you present depends upon the ceremony. While at some instances it could be an entertaining, yet commemorating speech; at other instant, you may be required to present a motivational one. Amidst all this, one thing rests assured that not all of us are prepared for giving a speech, especially if it is a prompt one.

An Overview To Different Ceremonial Speech Topics


But, there are a few things that are part and parcel of almost every type of speech. Thus, if you really want your speech to stand out, then take an overview of different ideas that are discussed below, in accordance with varying ceremonial speech examples and topics.

Introductory Speeches

It is usually a welcome speech that includes brief introduction of the speaker and preview of what the speaker will be addressing. On your part, you should pronounce the name of speaker appropriately, be welcoming and keep it concise.

Acceptance Speech

From accepting awards to scholarships, an acceptance speech must be filled with gratitude. Always use a polite tone and do not forget to acknowledge all those people who contributed in your achievements. In such kind of speeches, try to conclude with a future-oriented statement that justifies the credibility of the work for which you have been awarded.

Eulogies and Speeches for Paying Tribute

It is advisable to avoid such speeches unless you feel that you will be able to take hold of your composure. As memorial speeches tend to get emotional so, bear three things in your mind.

  • Outline the rich legacy and value of the concerned person
  • Do not use any such remark that can hurt somebody’s sentiments
  • Use phrases that can console the friends and family of deceased, while keeping your voice pitch low.

Speeches for Celebrations

At events like nuptial celebrations or graduation parties, the entire ambiance is filled with fun and excitement. So, such speeches are light-hearted and usually take place during or after the meal. Although these are informative but you can always add slight humor.

Be it any topic of speech, you just need to keep it original so as to connect with your audience and make it an experience that is appreciated by everyone. You can check some other ceremonial speech examples in this other article.