As I became more accustomed to online shopping, I began to appreciate marketing emails, as I could learn all about new offers and discounts. There is a growing trend among people to be less annoyed by marketing emails, especially from subscribed sources. However, not every e-marketing campaign is worth your time, and many a times one can end up regretting an e-newsletter subscription.

Email Marketing Tools, Polls, Surveys & Email Templates

Mixmax is a service which provides robust email marketing tools for tracking who opened your emails, downloaded content, as well as to insert polls and surveys in your emails. Mixmax also gives email templates to help make better sales and marketing emails and to schedule tasks, meetings and more.


Make Marketing Emails More Robust

You can integrate Mixmax with your Gmail or Google Inbox by installing a simple Chrome extension. You will be asked to grant access to your Google account, after which you will begin seeing a number of useful options for composing more robust emails for sales and marketing purposes.

Add additional features to Gmail

Add Group Event Polls, Surveys & Digital Media to Emails

There are a number of useful features that enable you to instantly insert a poll, survey or digital media to your emails. You can add anything from a group event poll, Q&A survey, Yes/No survey to PDF slideshows, articles, GIF images and a number of other useful content to make better marketing emails.

Add group polls and surveys in emails

Password Protected Communication & Self-Destructing Messages

With Mixmax you can even create password protected and self-destructing messages for confidential interaction with your customers. These are one of many features that you can only hope for in an email service without Mixmax.

Password protected messages

Marketing Templates for Better Email Campaigns

You can instantly insert marketing templates for making more robust interdepartmental or customer based emails. You can use the sample templates provided by Mixmax or create and share your own email templates with your team. This can help employees from different departments get a head start to use standard email templates for interacting with customers and to achieve your email marketing efforts.

Email marketing templates

See Who Opened Your Emails

One of the highlights of this service is the ability to track who opened your emails and to get detailed marketing statistics for your emails. You can pick tracking options using the Track menu when sending emails.

Easily track emails

You can login to your Dashboard to see detailed stats for your sent emails with information such as; who opened your emails, downloaded your content or clicked your links.

Mixmax dashboard

Mixmax is a paid service, with a free edition limited to 10 scheduled emails and 100 tracked emails per month. You can opt for the paid editions for features like click and download tracking, custom branding options, integration with Salesforce and more.

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