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Business chart design

Animated Company Portfolio PowerPoint Template

Business portfolios are often presented and created in PowerPoint to instantly share with clients. Many organizations as a standard practice create portfolios in PowerPoint or at least get them converted into a presentation format once the design is complete. However, not every organization has the budget to hire an expert designer to create a portfolio […]

Animated bugs in digital security PowerPoint template

Animated Bugs in Digital Security PowerPoint Template

Digital data bugs and vulnerabilities are not only limited to small organizations as some of the data breaches and security issues have occurred for some of the world’s largest organizations. To present digital security bugs and vulnerabilities, you need a template that can help you visually explain the topic. We have an Animated Bugs in […]

Mobile online shopping powerpoint template

Animated Mobile Commerce PowerPoint Template

There has been an unprecedented increase in e-commerce transactions over the past decade. This has recently been spearheaded by online shopping due to COVID-19. This also means that a large chunk of that shopping is also coming via mobile devices or m-commerce (mobile commerce). We have an Animated Mobile Commerce PowerPoint Template that can help […]

Animated media streaming PowerPoint template

Animated Media Streaming PowerPoint Template

Media streaming devices and apps have seen a surge over the past two decades. This is because a number of mirroring and streaming devices, apps, and the rise of smartphones led to the increased interest in media streaming by end-users. Not to mention famous video streaming services like YouTube too were introduced during this time. […]


How to Effectively Begin a Presentation and Be a Compelling Story Teller

We all have fallen victim to snooze fest presentations from being a student to a working employee, and sometimes we are the culprits of these eye-gouging and yawn-inducing presentations. We succumb to good enough and wishy-washy presentations, which resulted from some of these common pitfalls in our presentations. Common Presentation Mistakes and Failures Being Self-Centered […]

Eight bubble IG

Animated Green Infographics PowerPoint Template

A good infographic template for PowerPoint should ideally provide adaptable layouts that can be used by the presenter for various topics. Everyone is not looking to design business diagrams or slides about a specific concept. It is good to have slides that add variety. With green layouts containing editable infographics, the Animated Green Infographics PowerPoint […]


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